All the world’s a stage . . .

Children’s books and stories about the performing arts.  This blog will be a crossroads, of sorts.  I’ve always loved books about kids on stage, in commercials, in film, in dance recitals and so on.  I’ve always sought out those sorts of books to read, and it’s just the sort of stuff I love to write.

But after ten years of learning to write for kids and a lifetime of reading their books, I’ve also come to realize that “the big show” is a part of so many stories–not just those about kids in the arts.  Many, many children’s books involve elements of a “performance” at their climax, with the child protagonist put on the spot, all eyes turned his or her way–a do-or-die moment where training and talent and luck will pay off, if only he or she can come through under pressure.

Sometimes performance is just doing the right thing when the spotlight (literal or figurative) is on you, isn’t it? In a way, that covers almost all stories.

In a way, it might seem like . . . all the world’s a stage?

I’m fascinated with what a child reader can gain from these books, especially a child today, when so much emphasis is put on wanting to be “famous,” without even a clear idea of what the fame might be for.

So is this first post a bloggy dress rehearsal?  I prefer to think of it as the first day of practice, when you show up and get handed a script–and then sit in a circle and hear everyone’s name and what part they’re playing. A little excitement, a little surprise.  I love that day–don’t you?

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